Turnkey, Move-in Ready Office Suites in Downtown Tacoma

Presenting UrbanWork Suites, a fresh approach to commercial real estate that blends the flexibility of coworking with the professionalism of traditional offices. Our aim is to provide accessible and welcoming real estate solutions, coupled with innovative experiences to reintroduce people to the office environment. By streamlining the process, we eliminate hurdles and enable companies to concentrate on their core
operations, rather than getting bogged down in a prolonged 9 to 12-month endeavor of space hunting, lease negotiations, design, and construction.

In collaboration with J Squared Investments, UrbanWork offers ready-to-use office suites that are both efficient and inclusive.

Our turnkey solutions grant access to a range of amenities and services beyond the confines of the rented space. From conference rooms and meeting booths to call rooms, a fully stocked pantry, coffee bar, designated work areas, high-speed fiber internet, and even parking in select locations—our holistic real estate experience covers all bases.

All-Inclusive Amenities So You Can Grow Your Business

  • Fast, Secure Wi-Fi
  • Parking Options
  • Full pantries with Unlimited Craft Coffee, Tea, & Beer
  • Conference Room Access
  • Phone Booth Access
  • Color and B/W Printing
  • Office Supplies
  • Office Branding
  • In-Suite Kitchenette (upon request)
  • Janitorial Services
  • Furniture Design Consultation
  • Free breakfast Once a Month
  • Annual Chippewa Cruise
  • Dedicated staff
  • Community Events
  • Podcast & Recording Studio

Find Your Next Suite Office Space In Tacoma

UrbanWork Suites Tacoma Floorplan